Denis Thorpe’s ‘A View from the North’ Exhibition (15 September until Saturday 20 October 2018)


Denis Thorpe new

An exhibition of photographs by former Manchester Evening News and Guardian Photographer Denis Thorpe will run from Saturday 15 September until Saturday 20 October 2018 at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery.  The opening event  will be on Saturday 15 September from 2 o’clock until 4 o’clock.

Denis has previously spoken at Lancashire Monochrome and has asked us to publicise the even which we are gladly doing. A book will also be available.

Full address: Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery, Wellington Road South, Stockport SK3 8AB

August 2018 Meeting – John Barton – My Way with Digital Photography 

Monday 6 August 19:30 – John Barton – My Way with Digital Photography 
At the next scheduled monthly meeting, John will be giving us a presentation on digital processing for printing, sharing his expertise and experience through the projector and with prints.  He’s happy for anyone to make their own notes/recordings.  If there’s time, members prints may be shown afterwards.

Georgian House Exhibition Gallery


Lancashire Monochrome’s new gallery space in the main bar at the Mercury Bolton Georgian House is now complete.

The group has had photographs on display in the main corridor at the hotel for several years, but following the £100,000 refurbishment of the main bar area, the hotel management offered the wall space to Lancashire Monochrome. We now have fourteen frames available for members work which will be swapped over several times a year.

Currently, work on display is a combination of annual exhibition prints and smaller portfolio’s. Work on display is from Keith Launchbury, David Hawkins, Barabara Fallas, Dave Wilkinson and Peter Maddock.

Epson Printer Problems


At the last meeting, Peter Fallas described some problems he had been having with his Epson printer, and the solution he had found. This is as follows:

I started having problems with a Stylus Photo printer on a Windows PC recently. The problem was very slow response to print commands. Print speed was OK but it was taking over a minute for the printer properties box to open from Photoshop and a similar time for any print settings changes to respond. I also noticed the ink levels were showing empty in the printer properties box, even though the Epson status monitor utility was showing them near full.

After much searching, I found the problem to be an oversize .AUD file in the program data. The file name is EPAUDF01.AUD – Deleting this file fixed the problem immediately.

To see it, you need to set folder options to view hidden files and folders.
The path is C:\ProgramData\Epson\PRINTER\EPAUDF01.AUD

To fix the problem, delete the PRINTER folder or rename it PRINTER.old
A new folder and file will be created next time you print.