Lucy Saggers, Sunday 6th November 2022


Our next keynote speaker is Lucy Saggers on Sunday 6th November 2022 at the RAFA Club in Leyland. The event will start at 10:00AM.

Lucy is a photographer based in England’s rural North Yorkshire, with a particular interest in documenting how we live.

Please will any non-members let us know in advance if you would like to attend, this will allow us to plan the catering. Thanks!

Ford of the Sorrel

After an illustrated introduction outlining the circuitous route by which she came to
photography, Lucy will talk through selected pictures from her ten-year documentary work,
Ford of the Sorrel. The work tells stories of the interwoven lives and deep sense of
connection between people and the land in her home village of Ampleforth, on the edge of
the North York Moors. The work was published by Bluecoat Press in 2021 and shortlisted for
Belfast Photo Festival 2022.
Lucy will also talk through a selection of prints she has made of this work, which will be
available to look at along with the book.

“These wonderful photographs are poems and short stories; they are miniatures and epics;
they are tiny movements at the edge of the folding map and huge gestures at the vortex of
the turning world. Once seen, they cannot be unseen. Lucy Saggers’ images have the
timelessness of cave paintings, but somehow the modernity of Instagram. We share their
humanity and they amplify ours. Swim around in these deep, deep photographs and then
look around your own street, your own village, your own neighbourhood and try and find the
timeless stories there because in the end none of us, as Lucy Saggers proves, is very far

from the centre of things.” Ian McMillan

“Great photography requires devotion to subject matter. And yet you must also develop the
craft that enables you to “channel” your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and impressions of your
subject directly through your camera. Lucy Saggers is such a photographer, a modern visual
poet whose images give light to the people she knows and loves in the village landscape

where she lives.” Joe Cornish

Members Exhibition at the Mercure Bolton Hotel – John Barton


It’s been a while due to lockdown, but we are pleased to announce that we have a new members exhibition on show at our exhibition space at the Mercure Georgian House Hotel in Bolton.

John has specialised in monochrome photography for over 50 years. In that time his main interest has been in photographing the natural landscape and smaller natural objects. He has been drawn to the wilder landscape and less populated areas which can sometimes appear to have little immediate attraction. Closer inspection often shows that even the most unpromising subject can reveal an unexpected power and beauty.

Using monochrome materials or converting a digital image to monochrome enables the photographer to emphasise the drama of light, shade and form in the subject.

As well as Lancashire Monochrome, John is a member of the Yorkshire Monochrome Group and Accrington Camera Club.

Obituary – John Day 1934 – 2021

John Day, photo by George Coupe

In 1996 John became one of the founder members of the Lancashire Monochrome group. He was also accepted as a member of Gamma and  had photographs published in various national photographic magazines.

John worked as an Aviation Technician. Based in England, he also worked in Germany and Italy.

John’s first photographs were taken with transparency film but after his marriage to Ann in 1962 he set up his own darkroom. His first tutor was the chief photographer at English Electric in Preston. In the 1970s John’s tutor for a Photography Certificate was Bert Gillham at the Storey Institute in Lancaster and in 1978 John studied A-level Photography in Wigan with John Hannavy. Discussions were carried on in the pub after classes, and John produced First Class A level work.

John used a Voigtlander Rangefinder or Fuji 6×7 film camera. Later he was inspired by Colin New’s Holga images. With a Holga camera John created images with depth and feeling.

John was an extremely sensitive photographer who had his own very personal view of the world. He liked to be alone in the landscape and the photographs he made have a sense of complete concentration and silent peace.

I will always be thankful to John for inspiring me to make Holga images for myself.

Rest in peace John

Helen Coupe

Andrew Auty Exhibition – online version


As described in a recent article, our current member’s exhibition at the Mercure Georgian House is the work of Andrew Auty. Due to the current restrictions in Lancashire and Greater Manchester, Andrew has posted a gallery of his exhibition photographs on his website here for those who are interested in seeing the exhibition bat are unable to travel.

There is also a blog post on Andrew’s website about the exhibition here.

The hotel remains open and the exhibition will be on display in the main bar area of the hotel until the end of December.

Members Exhibition at the Mercure Bolton Hotel – Andrew Auty


We are pleased to announce a new members exhibition at our gallery space in the Mercure Bolton Georgian House. Andrew Auty’s exhibition is of landscape photography and Andrew describes the exhibition like this:

This exhibition is about trees and the spaces they occupy in the landscape. In this exhibition, I have featured some of the magnificent places that trees are privileged to occupy. In some images, prominence is given to a single tree or a group of trees, in others the main focus is on the space around them.

More of Andrew’s work can be seen on his website at

The gallery is situated in the main bar area of the hotel and is open 7 days a week. The exhibition will run until the end of December.

Monthly meetings now on Zoom


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have cancelled all scheduled meetings and events, but we are now holding the meetings virtually using Zoom. The meetings follow the usual format of members presenting work to the group for discussion and feedback, but without the usual breaks to get a closer look at prints.

We have now had two virtual meetings and have (more or less!) got the hang of the technology, so please get in touch via the Contact page if you are interested in joining us!

Lucy Saggers Keynote, 15th March 2020

Keynote Speakers

Our next keynote speaker is Lucy Saggers on Sunday 15th March at the RAFA Club in Leyland. The event will start at 10:00AM.

Lucy is a photographer based in England’s rural North Yorkshire, with a particular interest in documenting how we live.

Her major long-term project, OF LIFE AND LAND, describes deep connections among individual, overlapping lives within a single rural North Yorkshire village. A selection of this work has been self-published (Of Life and Land, 2018) with support from Ryedale District Council. In 2020 a larger collection will be published by Bluecoat Press.

Please will any non-members let us know in advance if you would like to attend, this will allow us to plan the catering. Thanks!

Bill Brandt / Henry Moore Exhibition at the Hepworth, Wakefield


This exhibition explores the parallel and intersecting paths of these two great artists of the 20th century.

The photographer Bill Brandt and the sculptor Henry Moore first met during the Second World War, when they both created images of civilians sheltering from the Blitz in the London Underground.

This major exhibition brings together over 200 works highlighting the relationships between sculpture, photography, drawing and collage revealed through Brandt and Moore’s shared interests in the subjects and themes of labour, society, industry, the British landscape and the human body. Moore’s celebrated Reclining Figure sculptures and Brandt’s well-known photographs of coal miners and their families in Durham and Yorkshire are on display, alongside rare original colour transparencies by Brandt, and Moore’s little-known photo collages.

Bill Brandt / Henry Moore