Andy Marland Gallery 1

My photography is focused almost entirely on the industrial landscape and all things mechanical and industrial, especially if it is derelict, decayed and abandoned. Since 2007, I have photographed textile mills, steelworks, old ships, abandoned railway stations, coal mines, a mustard gas factory and many more active and abandoned industrial sites. In 2016, I was commissioned by O2 to photograph abandoned sites as part of the launch of the Samsung S7 mobile phone, and more of my work can be found on my websites and


2 thoughts on “Andy Marland Gallery 1

  1. Hi Andy,

    Just wanted to say that I came across your work in the Professional Image Maker magazine and couldn’t believe it was so similar to what I am doing here in Scotland. I took early retirement from a stressful sales job two years back to go back to college. As part of my NQ studies I sat the Scottish Qualification Authority Higher Photography exam. I chose to do Abandoned Industrial Landscapes from my local area. I got one of the highest marks in the country and some of my images were on display at the Scottish Parliament for two months as part of a SQA Exhibition. I’ve since had a small exhibition at the college and another at a local community centre.

    I have moved to City of Glasgow college for further studies but am continuing with my Abandoned project. It was great to see your work in the magazine as it reflects my own work. I noticed your images in the magazine had a slight copper tinge while those on your website are mono. I use the copper tint in mine, processing images in Nix SIlver Efex Pro. Here’s a link to the local community group website who are now selling images of my initial project.

    Great to see your work, both in print and now on your website. Best of luck and look forward to seeing more of your work.


  2. love your images from the north look forward to seeing you Monday it will be good to see your images brought back memories of my past lived in Burnley when I was younger, worked in construction doing a renovation to shops and various buildings, and through imagery, I still enjoy seeing the architecture especially Historic buildings I find them inspiring I don’t come from England I am from Belfast Northern Ireland. I loved living in Lancashire and the country around it.


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