Geoff Davies

Geoff Davies_George Coupe

1936 – 2015

Geoff was a long time member of Lancashire Monochrome, Bolton Documentary Photography, Bolton Photographic Society and Bolton Digital Photographic Society.

For more than forty-five years he photographed life in the streets around Bolton.            With his affectionate and understanding eye, he photographed his own community being themselves.  A climber and a cyclist, Geoff also made photographs of rural and urban landscape.

Always articulate, Geoff had strong views about creativity and expressing one’s own vision.

‘I once accused a camera club judge of perpetuating mediocrity.  I don’t think he knew what I was talking about.’

Geoff made photographs to please himself and if he pleased other people it was a bonus.

Two books of Geoff’s work can be bought on Blurb:


One thought on “Geoff Davies

  1. I came across this documentary on YouTube by accident and loved it. I watched it in one sitting. Never heard of the guy before but I agreed with a lot of what he had to say. His views on club competitions is spot on and as a die hard advocate of analogue and the wizardary of the dark room his transition to digital and a state of the art iMac should be an object to lesson to us all – particularly comanies. Just look at Kodak, Ilford, Olympus and Nikon. Art is fuelled by ‘technology’ and imagination, ignore the new and you soon get left behind – and disappear. Pity I never knew of him while he was still alive. Has his work ever been exhibited at Bradford’s Media Museum?

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