Simon Lupton

Nobody in my family took many pictures as I was growing up. There was a plastic monstrosity – which took a 126 cassette – that appeared from nowhere at Christmas and Summer Holidays in the 1960’s and 70’s and just as quickly hid itself again before I could get my hands on it. There was also a mouldering Kodak Box Brownie in a cupboard with its faux leatherette quietly peeling away that I wasn’t allowed to touch either. I itched to use it.

After many iterations I now use two camera systems, full frame and Micro 4/3’s, to cater for my two main photographic subjects – land/seascapes and street photography – and still love the satisfaction of capturing an outstanding monochrome image. You just know it, almost the moment you press the shutter button.

Capturing such images requires patience and an investment in time that can sometimes be difficult to afford. Printing them and showing them to others at Lancashire Monochrome makes it completely worthwhile. Placing them on both my own ( and the Lancashire Monochrome website for the pleasure of others is a nice bonus.

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