Ray Parkin

All of the images were taken after sunset, starting in Liverpool One, and ending just before Lime Street Station.  They were taken with a Panasonic TZ100 compact camera.

1 Liverpool One after Sunset_Ray Parkin

Liverpool One after Sunset

2 Forever__Ray Parkin


3 The Beehive_Ray Parkin

The Beehive

4 mmmmm!_Ray Parkin


5 River Island_ Ray Parkin

River Island

6 Next_Ray Parkin


7 Top Shop_Ray Parkin

Top Shop

8 Sale, Sale_Ray Parkin

Sale, Sale

9 ...ARK_Ray Parkin


10 Three - and more!_Ray Parkin

Three – and more!

11 Disappearing act_Ray Parkin

Disappearing act

12 Costa_Ray Parkin


13 Boots_Ray Parkin


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