Ray Parkin Exhibition at Mercure Georgian House, Bolton


_DSC8930.jpgWe are pleased to announce that the latest exhibition in our gallery space at the Mercure Georgian House in Bolton is from Lancashire Monochrome member Ray Parkin.

The exhibition is titled ‘Patterns In The Sand’ and Ray’s artists statement describes it thus:

A beach serves many purposes: it is a playground, a place of rest, somewhere for a gentle stroll or strenuous run, and much else. For me, on this visit to Embleton Bay in Northumberland, it was an opportunity to reflect on the effect that the sea and its tide has on this particular environment. The tide had recently receded leaving these irregular patterns in the wet sand, arbitrarily depositing pebbles and larger stones, shells and seaweed. To all this, footprints had already been added. I found that the taking, processing and printing of these images was an enjoyable and rewarding process. These images are all on the same theme and, therefore, they do not have their own titles. They are not images of places or people, but of abstract patterns formed in the sand by the sea and therefore are more about my experience of the beach than the time and place.

Patterns In The Sand will be on display until the end of February 2019.


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