Epson Printer Problems


At the last meeting, Peter Fallas described some problems he had been having with his Epson printer, and the solution he had found. This is as follows:

I started having problems with a Stylus Photo printer on a Windows PC recently. The problem was very slow response to print commands. Print speed was OK but it was taking over a minute for the printer properties box to open from Photoshop and a similar time for any print settings changes to respond. I also noticed the ink levels were showing empty in the printer properties box, even though the Epson status monitor utility was showing them near full.

After much searching, I found the problem to be an oversize .AUD file in the program data. The file name is EPAUDF01.AUD – Deleting this file fixed the problem immediately.

To see it, you need to set folder options to view hidden files and folders.
The path is C:\ProgramData\Epson\PRINTER\EPAUDF01.AUD

To fix the problem, delete the PRINTER folder or rename it PRINTER.old
A new folder and file will be created next time you print.


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